Visitors Abounding & Slush Cup Astounding

“I’m glad you’ve found a place to have your adventures where I can visit!” ~MLE

Living in vacation destinations works for me. Living in a vacation destination easily accessible to State-Side friends and family adds an Element of Awesome. Not only do I daily get to play, I also get to share the marvels!

The Dower-teas

The Dower-teas

This season has been a steady IV drip of friends and family, spacing their visits so there is constantly someone just a few weeks down the road to look forward to. Being a creature who prefers, if not instant, at least short-term gratification, this is awesome. Each member of my nuclear family spaced themselves out by about a month. All except my sister, who is having her own adventures in South Korea with hubby Tim; but who don’t update their blog. Perhaps public ridicule will help. Ahem.

Schwester und Brüder.

Dad fitted in a weekend around a conference to come up and x-country ski and downhill in late January, when there was still snow; sort of. Little Brother came out in March and we gave the slopes a solid what-for. At the time, Rainbow Lake was still frozen enough to walk across; just barely. Most recently Momma Bird was up to enjoy a weekend of High Rockies Spring.

Oh, you thought Gaper Day was our only Spring event? Wrong. It seems the local populace projects their satisfaction with season’s switch by costuming up and getting ridiculous.

Case in Point: Slush Cup 2012 at closing day of Keystone Ski Resort.In which folks dressed as everything from gorillas in bikinis to Wacky Arm Inflatable Flailing Tube Man jettison down a slope, off a jump (WAIFTM may have missed the jump…), and attempt to hold form across a pond. Failure was lauded as emphatically as success and Ski Patrol in grass skirts and tiki-torches were on hand to fish out contestants and their flotsam bling.

As Momma kept pointing out, skiing is a gear intensive sport. Just ask Contestant Super Gramps, or even Tiny Dancer:

Is that a Jack Daniels IV drip?

Tiny Dancer Pwned the Pond Skim!


So what I’m saying is,

make time,

find a way,

come up and play.

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