This Morning’s Practice

MLE and I have spent the past two months driving around the USA, visiting loved ones and sharing the vision of Her Odyssey, thereby opening the project’s eyes and focusing her vision.

We have maintained a daily practice of reflecting on gratitude and selecting at random a passage from “The Pocket Pema Chödrön.”

Leaving ourselves open to inspiration, daily we flip through the book, selecting a passage at random. I would like to share the entry which found me this morning.

Ravens in the wind

How do we work with our tendency to block and to freeze and to refuse to take another step toward the unknown? If our edge is like a huge stone wall with a door in it, how do we learn to open that door and step through it again and again, so that life becomes a process of growing up, of becoming more and more fearless and flexible, more and more able to play like a raven in the wind?
Where I live on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I see that the wilder the weather is, the more the ravens love it. They have the time of their lives in the winter, where the wind gets much stronger and there’s lots of ice and snow. The challenge the wind. They get up on the tops of the trees and they hold on with their claws and then they grab on with their beaks as well. At some point they just let go into the wind and let it blow them away. Then they play on it, they float on it. After a while, they’ll go back to the tree and start over. It’s a game.
Once I saw ravens in an incredible hurricane-velocity wind, grabbing each others feet and dropping and then letting go and flying out. It was like a circus act. The animals and the plants on Cape Breton are hardy and fearless and playful and joyful; the elements have strengthened them.
In order to exist there, they have had to develop a zest for challenge and for life. As you can see, it adds up to tremendous beauty and inspiration and uplifted feeling.
The same goes for us.

Thank you each or joining in this meditation.

7 thoughts on “This Morning’s Practice

  1. Annie Mac says:

    I value your friendship, wisdom and zest for life so much. You’re inspirational, approachable, and so genuine. The world will only benefit from you traveling through it! Safe travels my friend, and remember to embrace challenges as a chance to grow and smile.

  2. Ahmed Cezary Al-Bader says:

    Hey 🙂 Animals have the amazing skill of adapting to their surroundings. It is a skill that humans also have, but most of us have to much ego to cope with challenges in the same way as animals do.
    You are a true inspiration to me. I wish you all good on your journey.

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