Fidgit’s Gear Plan for 2018

Backpack gear has been exploded around the house for weeks. Boxes appeared on the front porch and the piles grew. We hit critical mass and time came to pare down. I did a “go live” on our Facebook account as I talked through gear that made the cut and did an airport pack-job.


I set out for our third year of walking weighing in at 203 lbs and my pedal pulse is as strong as my radial pulse. My pack, full of gear and consumables, one day of food (but no water) weighs in at 28.4 lbs.

Below is my full initial gear list:

Screenshot (133) Screenshot (134)

Screenshot (135)

Screenshot (136)

For a full list of the awesome companies and organizations who are working with us on this project, check out our Sponsors & Affiliates page!

Join our Patreon community for an inside perspective throughout the journey. We love gear and we also love eating all the time and showering sometimes. Thank you to all of you who are already meeting us there!

5 thoughts on “Fidgit’s Gear Plan for 2018

  1. Bill Pennock says:

    Whoa! this will be the Third Year It does it does not seem possible.
    Well I’m looking forward to witnessing you’re adventure to the the terminus point! Where ever that may be. Meet people, have fun, and most of all Be safe.
    A follower

  2. Lani Smith says:

    Hey , Goid Morning Ladies
    Just read your pack list , great .. hope it all fits into your packs, kitchen sink ? Hair dryer? Didn’t see them on the list , think safe !
    Continue the Happy Trail
    Lani 🙂

  3. cliff rawley says:

    What an amazing journey you are continuing to explore. Can this be the 3rd year of your long walk? It does not seem possible. We admire your dedication to keep on with the great adventure you have planned out. We will look forward to reading the insightful reports about the people you meet and the cultures you encounter.

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