A Reminder to Proceed with Care

Written by Fidgit

We were sat on a curb, it was 9 am but already hot enough to make ice cream a viable after-breakfast option. We were waiting and debating, as we usually are during the heat and when an ice cream cooler is nearby. Today’s topics revolved around the latest news articles coming out of Colombia.

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Flipping North: Jaen to Loja

Written by Neon

Travelling from Huaraz to the city of Jaen was not enjoyable. Fidgit and I boarded a bus in Huaraz at 9:30 pm; two transfers and 23 hours later we arrived in Jaen. So much time on a bus, especially when we both struggle with motion sickness on the curvy Peruvian roads, is terrible. We couldn’t do much other than listen to music lest our motion sensitivity get aggravated.
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Herstory: She Can Teach

The ‘Herstory: She Can’ series profiles women who pursue their passions. Each have stepped up with courage, a message, and a willingness to share her own odyssey.

This is a first person account from Judith Trier, a teacher, world traveler, and avid outdoorswoman. We honor teachers all around the world for the work and passion you pour into your students and our future.
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