Adventuring: . . . Sometimes it Sucks

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My hiking shirt just before one of the sleeves ripped off, causing underarm chaffing, and had to be retired.

*Part 2*
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Our shoes are cracked and breaking open, as are our lips.  The bruises on our hips and the mold in our drinking hoses seem to be permanent. Our clothes and spirits sag from constant and demanding use. We have retired pieces which did not hold up to the test, from shirts to relationships. Continue reading

Collaborating with Adventure Scientists

Note from Fidgit:
I wrote this piece for Adventure Scientists while walking through Bolivia.  They are an organization crowd sourcing data collected by explorers to be used in research. They “envision a world where a grassroots wildfire of scientific advancement creates balance between people and the environment.”

The organization was the brain child of Gregg Treinish, who walked Across the Andes  in 2006-2008 and left a helpful GPS route I relied on heavily while planning our tracks. Now we are excited to contribute to a few of their current projects.

Check it out below, then get involved!


Sorata to Ananea: Crossing the Cordillera Apolobamba and into Peru along the Ruta De Los Tres Cordilleras

Written by Neon


Fidgit making her way up and out of Sorata

We delayed leaving Sorata, because we were not excited for the multi-hundred meter climb in front of us. So, instead of leaving, we decided to have breakfast and lunch at the same restaurant and then hike out with very full stomachs. Going uphill. In the middle of the day. Can you see where this is going? Continue reading