Leaving Antuco, celebrating my birthday, and walking to Community Puente Ingles and San Fabian

Written by Neon


Fidgit walking along above Laguna Las Lajas


Louise, Neon and Fidgit leaving Antuco

We woke up to a chilly morning, packed up and walked along the ridge most of the day, sharing company with some condors floating lazily above us. Though the ridge-walking was mostly water-less, the route dropped down for a short time to a water source before climbing back up and continuing its march along the ridge. We spent the evening dropping steeply down the northern end of the Laguna and were able to find a lovely place to camp near a meadow speckled with horses and cows.The (late) morning of January 1st, 2017 (how did that happen?!) Fidgit and I packed up and hitch-hiked back to the trail. We got a ride with a kind couple who were only going a short distance and dropped us at a bus stop a few kilometers past their turn off. We then were picked up by a guide/engineer, Louise, who was heading to the same place we were for a day-hike. Louise ended up walking with us most of the day, excited to have company as well as share his knowledge of the area with us. Continue reading

Gauchos and Huasos

Written by Fidgit

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Remote from Neighbors in a forest wide, Studious to save what human wants require, in embers heap’d, preserves the seeds of fire.

-The Odyssey

Much like Patagonia itself, the idea of the horseback-mounted locals is a nebulous and enchanting idea. Cowboys out here on the final frontier. It has captured the imagination of people from across the globe. Particularly, we of the first world who grasp ever more for something true to the earth on which it stands. Continue reading

Herstory: She Can Embrace Uncertainty

 The ‘Herstory: She Can’ series profiles women who pursue their passions. Each have stepped up with courage, a message, and a willingness to share her own odyssey.

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Written by Greta Matos

Have you ever had a dream that you loved so much, that you let it go, you set it free; trusting that if you were truly meant to live that dream, someday it would return to you?
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The beginning of Season 2: Bariloche to Puerto Fuy – OR – How to Kick Your Own Butt in About 9 Days

Written by: Neon
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At Marcela’s Art Show in Futa

I flew into Bariloche with my nerves tingling from both the excitement and the boredom of sitting on a plane/in airports for 2 days. A friend of Fidgit’s and mine, Cheri, was kind enough to pick me up, feed me, and bring me into town. After a night in Bariloche, I headed south to meet up with Fidgit in Esquel, and we took a bus across the border to Futaleufu to meet some friends from last season for Marcela’s Art Show (remember the painter from Villa O’Higgins?). Continue reading