Fidgit’s Gear Plan for 2018

Backpack gear has been exploded around the house for weeks. Boxes appeared on the front porch and the piles grew. We hit critical mass and time came to pare down. I did a “go live” on our Facebook account as I talked through gear that made the cut and did an airport pack-job.


I set out for our third year of walking weighing in at 203 lbs and my pedal pulse is as strong as my radial pulse. My pack, full of gear and consumables, one day of food (but no water) weighs in at 28.4 lbs.

Below is my full initial gear list:

Screenshot (133) Screenshot (134)

Screenshot (135)


Screenshot (136)

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First full section in Peru: Ananea to Macusani

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Written by Neon

When we got back to Ananea after a few days of rest, we were grateful that the weather had also shifted. It wasn’t as windy or rainy as we walked out of town. We took our time walking out of Ananea and through the town-sized mine along the outskirts. We camped that night in a ditch at the edge of the dirt piles that signified the mine. Continue reading

Collaborating with Adventure Scientists

Note from Fidgit:
I wrote this piece for Adventure Scientists while walking through Bolivia.  They are an organization crowd sourcing data collected by explorers to be used in research. They “envision a world where a grassroots wildfire of scientific advancement creates balance between people and the environment.”

The organization was the brain child of Gregg Treinish, who walked Across the Andes  in 2006-2008 and left a helpful GPS route I relied on heavily while planning our tracks. Now we are excited to contribute to a few of their current projects.

Check it out below, then get involved!