Lauren Reed – Explorer



Along the Quapaq Nan in Peru

Originally from Pennsylvania, Lauren (aka Neon) spent much of her younger days discovering the outside world, sometimes with one or more of her three siblings. As she grew up, she continued expanding her hobbies and interests in the outdoors. While attending University, she led trips with the school’s outing club while working toward  degrees in Hospitality Management and Commercial Recreation Management.

After graduation, Lauren thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail (AT) from Georgia to Maine. During her hike, she discovered how rejuvenating, empowering, and challenging the outdoors can be and thus, she became “hooked” on the wilderness experience and on long-distance hiking. She has since thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the Colorado Trail (CT), and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). Having hiked three of the longest trails in the U.S.-over 8,000 miles, she has earned the ‘Triple Crown’ of the hiking world. In her time away from longer trails, she keeps finding herself working outdoors at a wilderness therapy program in Utah, aiding others in finding their way in the world.


With Volcan Chillan

While hiking the PCT in 2010, she met Fidgit (aka Bethany). When Fidgit first approached her about this trip in 2012, she was immediately intrigued though unable to completely commit until the beginning of 2015.  Over the past 730 days and 13,000 kilometers/8,000 miles creating and connecting route(s) across South America, Lauren has learned more about different cultures and human dynamics than she thought possible, expanding and exploring along the way. This endeavor has been an intensely amazing way to grow in many ways, some painful and all important. She looks forward to what crossing North America brings!



In front of Cerros Fitz Roy and Torre


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