‘Truths from the Trail’ is an encompassing theme for a  speaking series which ranges in focus from personal and community empowerment to environmental and ethical responsibility.

In these talks Bethany shares lessons gleaned from a lifetime of travel and years of long-distance hiking. Coming from a rich background of public speaking, she has been presenting publicly about long distance hiking since the Pacific Crest Trail. She has shared with a variety of groups such as business groups, schools, member’s clubs, and prisons.

Illustrations abound at how life on the trail can inform a more centered and motivated life in the Default World. These truths flow between previous experiences on the trail and Her Odyssey “America to America, a 20,000 mile trek

What people are saying:

You wowed our members!

~Summit County Rotary Club

An example of ‘the human potential’ as described by Warren Buffet.  .  .  be the voice of what Americans take for granted.

~Kiwanis Member

I still don’t get why you did it.


To Schedule a presentation Contact Emily: ebriggs@her-odyssey.org

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