The story of a Very Brave Lady

The back story:

Within that context, you understand my surprise and thrill when she called and stated an interest in taking another foray with me. GAME ON! Just the week before I had pulled a “rip & go” page out of Backpacker magazine for a 16 mile trail in South Central Missouri. So, we have finally created a nook of time in our lives to head down to the Big Piney Trail in Mark Twain National Forest. In fact, at this moment, I am writing this blog to put off pulling out all the family gear and figuring out the details of equipping two people.

Okay, but now that I admit that, I’m really excited. So, into the totes I go! Thanks for the accountability encouragement folks!

Other very exciting features which have arisen in my life and to which I owe much greater depth of detail:

A profound week of intensive journaling practice with a mighty group of very aware individuals.

Members of Team Crass-a-frass (my trail family) have offered to host me when I head up for the Long Trail. Trouble and His Dudeness are exactly what I need to have to look forward to as I plot another such undertaking.

As for you, get out there and invest yourself in this weekend. Have blast and travel safe.

One thought on “The story of a Very Brave Lady

  1. Jeannine Payne says:

    Isn’t that trail in the book I gave you- Hiking Missouri? It took me awhile to find out you were doing a blog again! I hope to hear all about this hike you are going to do! Love, Jeannine

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