Kinetic Energy

Life can become very, Involved, sometimes. Yet seasons move ever forward. Opportunities present themselves and we too must move forward; Daring to Dream.

The best place to remind myself of these things is outside; where things have always made sense.  .  .  unless you are dealing with a snow bank, in which case it’s anyone’s guess whether it’s a fallen log, a powdery deep cache, or a hole. Be prepared to crawl out either way.

The Lessons are astounding and innate.

So, while I prepare for the Colorado Trail this summer, and plan my own TransContinental Trek, I would like to point you toward some ladies who are doing astounding things right now.


Three girls who are hiking the length of South America: Las Tres Chicas Locas.

Dr. Megan Coffee: the TB Doc in Port-au-Prince Haiti. (With the help of my favorite kind of Rif-Raf.)

Or how about the Gals just down the road at Summit Thrift & Treasure. Hey, if you live in Summit County, I know you’ve got that jacket at the back of your closet. Admit it, you haven’t worn it all season, and you’ll probably never wear it again. Go ahead and Donate it now.

And of course we pour one for the homies. So here’s to one of the Matriarchs of the Sterling Strange. Marie, the Maid who conquered Mt Blanc.

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