Weapon of Choice: Teaspoon

Because my friend/heroine Leda coupons, I now know what a coupon is for. Bargain shopping, yeah baby! I was thusly excited when I got a booklet of coupons for Dairy Queen. “They will be a treat,” I planned happily. So I put them with the rest of my coupons.

At first I thought the best spot was in a neat stack on my kitchen table. I quickly came to hate that spot b/c I thought of it every time I checked out, realizing I’d again forgotten the coupons.

So I relocated them to my purse and/or car. Stroke.of.Genius.

Finally comes the day that I happen to be passing DQ, which I know so well b/c of their unintentionally hilarious signs. It happens to be lunch time and I happen to be hungry. Excited, I flip through the booklet and carefully compile a meal.

Got lost in the Taco Bell parking lot trying to get there (clever Chihuahua and friends), pulled up proud and strode for the doors. The jingle of the bell somehow turned my brain on just then. Realizing this was an A&W instead.Needless to say, I’m not a detail person.

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