One cannot generate momentum while maintaining perfect balance.
Walking itself is the act of repeatedly abandoning a sure footing. Going off kilter. Taking a risk.

Even great achievements progress only one step at a time.
We may congratulate ourselves on having skipped a lesson but such have a way of coming back around. So I do the only thing any of us can; take action to realize my dream and believe that Marianne Williamson was right,

. . . as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.~Marianne Williamson

wpid-20150811_114133.jpgTuesday was the last day of 4 years of professional and community growth as a Health Navigator with the Family & Intercultural Resource Center. We do good and crucial work in the Summit County community and I feel honored to have worked there. The pot luck spread was delicious and the many kind words were affirming. They sent me off with a full heart and a full belly.

wpid-fb_img_1436403742537.jpgTides begin to turn. Now is time for action. Today embarking on a 2 month tour around the US: testing communication systems, touching important bases, and time on the road spent working with my Communications and Finance Manager, Emily Briggs, to develop message and focus of the upcoming odyssey.

Since college, no matter where in the world I lived, we keep contact by letter writing. Sharing and wondering at our journeys. Musing at life in colored gel pens.

In writing, we practice conscious and examined living. She is incredible at that and it stands as an example of a message in this hike, literacy.
We have been able to connect and grow because we are both able to read and write. This is not true for every woman in our western hemisphere. This may not be true of every woman in your community.

It was initially primarily in writing that she began to help nurture my preposterous dream of hiking the length of the Americas. Our effort is bolstered by having her heading up the team at home. A nod to the people, courage, and flexibility which have made it manifest. As with each of the individuals on the team, she is the kind of courageous person whom I cite when urging others, or more often, myself, forward.

Emily helps round out the vision as I have been focused on plotting the tangible miles and terrain. Countless hours spent with Google Earth Pro, WIkiExplora, and various other mapping sources. Here is a rough approximation of the route:

The objective is to gain degrees of latitude (forward progress) only by non-motorized means.

The objective is to gain degrees of latitude (forward progress) only by non-motorized means.

Once Neon and I are in South America this autumn, our actual progress along the spine of the Americas will be tracked by Delorme InReach satellite device on the Iridium Network of satellites. We will be able to share a link to a map which tracks our progress. We can also post messages to social media.

While the technical and practical are pressing and important, it takes frequent, conscious self-reminders to be present. Converse with the children at the radio studio, calmly pet the wiggle-hyper dog. The core importance of this journey is human connection. To share.

As I am now free to dedicate my focus and gather a strong team to project the message, there is exciting growth on the horizon. Most of all, look forward to seeing you.

3 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Kim Mannheimer says:

    Sorry I missed you at the MV office. I enjoy talking to you about your adventures. I love your blog. I will enjoy following you on your journey. Thanks for leaving your card so I can do this. Safe and Happy Trails!

    • Fidgit says:

      Kim, knowing you made me actually LOOK FORWARD to going to the DMV! You are an exceptional woman with a passion for the great outdoors, I treasure knowing you.

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