The 5 Core Values of Her Odyssey

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We’re one month out from Neon and I boarding a plane bound for Santiago, Chile. There we will lay the ground work and stash extra gear for the journey, commencing our hike as soon as summer in the Southern Hemisphere makes the mountains passable.

Sunset RoadI am looking forward to opening myself up to the challenges ahead and to being present in each step. This past month of road tripping around the United States, meeting with my core tribe and sharing our vision and passion, has shown me that the lessons and values of this upcoming journey are not only truths of life on the trail, but can be applied everywhere.

As such, I share with you the 5 core values of Her Odyssey and the lessons which have already begun to flow.

  1. Simplicity
    You really don’t need much. It has been liberating to give away most of my possessions. A wisdom and peace comes in letting go. As Peace Pilgrim said:

We must be able to use things when we need them and then relinquish them without regret when they have outlived their usefulness.

This applies to both physical and emotional baggage. In backpacking, you carry everything you need on your back. The heavier your pack, the more difficult the miles.

2. Safety


Traveling with Neon and engaging members of the communities along the trail are our greatest steps toward safety. Although we are planning for many possible eventualities, we must be prepared that still, most difficulties will come unforeseen.

Our greatest defense is to trust intuition. A wise woman once said, “your body doesn’t lie to you.” We must be aware in that first split second, before the mind turns intuition into a “thought.” There are physical indicators. For me, the hairs on my neck stand on end and the back of my throat tickles.
What is your body tell?


3. Authenticity

I strive to approach each situation with sincere curiosity. There is a beautiful array of diversity on our planet. What I have loved most is encountering the things which push me to see the world outside of the lens with which I was raised.

My family has been revolutionized by loving and celebrating our gay family members. Now, I am learning a great deal more as I meet members of the LGBTQI community.

wpid-20150913_172527.jpgI cannot speak to the journey of any other; I can only walk my own. Still, we can learn and be informed by one another. Many do not understand this undertaking, nor why I am drawn to it. That is okay; they don’t have to. Facing doubt and adversity only deepens my resolve.

4. Persistence

I was born with this one. My first sentence was, “I wanna do what I wanna do.”
Really, that’s all there is to that one.

5. Passion

Inspiration called and I am answering. As I relinquish control, throwing my hands into the air and asking for what I need, space is created for the highest good and greatest joy to flow, unabated. Today’s article in the Associated Press makes my heart leap and dance – then, I sit back and breathe, overwhelmed by gratitude. I am honored at the responses and stories flowing in from each of you, sharing your own odysseys. I am humbled.




Los 5 valores de La Odisea de Ella
Estamos a un mes de que Neon y yo abordemos un avión con destino a Santiago, Chile. Allí sentaremos la base y escogeremos más equipos para comenzar nuestro viaje, comenzaremos nuestro viaje tan pronto el verano en el Hemisferio Sur nos permita caminar en las montañas.

Estoy emocionada de exponerme los retos que vienen y de estar presente en cada paso. El mes pasado de viajar por Los Estados Unidos, conociendo y compartiendo nuestra visión y pasión, me ha enseñado que las lecciones y valores de esta travesía que pronto comenzará, no son sólo verdades en la vida por los senderos, pero aplican en todas partes.

Por eso, comparto los 5 valores que serán la base de La Odisea de Ella y las lecciones que ya empazaron a suceder.

Uno no necesita mucho. Ha sido una gran experiencia dar la mayor parte de mis pertenencias a otras personas. Sabiduría y paz llegan al dejar ir. Como dice Peace Pilgrim:

Debemos ser capaces de usar las cosas cuando se necesiten y renunciar a ellas sin remordimiento cuando han dejado de ser útiles.

Esto aplica para ambos cargas física y emocional. Al viajar como mochilera, uno carga todo lo necesario en la espalda. Mientras más pesada la mochila, las millas se harán más difíciles.

2. Seguridad
Viajando con Neon y conectando con miembros de las comunidades alrededor del sendero son nuestros mejores pasos para nuestra seguridad. Aunque estamos planeando para muchas eventualidades posibles, tenemos que estar preparados ya que la mayoría de las dificultades vendrán de improviso.

Nuestra mejor defensa en la intuición. Una mujer sabia dijo: “tu cuerpo no te miente”. Debemos estra consientes de cualquier segundo, antes de que la mente torne a la intuición en un “pensamiento”. Hay indicadores físicos. Para mí, el cabellos detrás de mi cuello se me paran y me siento cosquillas en la garganta. ¿Qué te dice tu cuerpo?

3. Autenticidad
Yo planeó acercarme a cada situación con sincera curiosidad. Hay una Hermosa gama de diversidad en nuestro planeta. Lo que más me ha gustado es encontrarme con cosas que me empujan a ver el mundo con un lente distinto al que fui criada.
Mi familia ha revolucionado amando y celebrando nuestros miembros homosexuales de la familia. Ahora yo estoy aprendiendo mucho más mientras conozco miembros de las comunidades homosexuals.

Yo no pudo hablar por la travesía de los demas, Yo solo puedo caminar mí. Aun, podemos aprender y ser informados el uno al otro. Muchos no entienden este compromiso, ni porque me atrae la idea. Esta bien, ellos no tienen que entender. Enfrentar duda y adversidad solo profundiza mi propósito.

4. Persistencia
Yo nací con esta. Mi primera oración fue: “yo quiero hacer lo que quiero hacer”. En realidad, eso es todo lo que hay para este valor.

5. Pasión
La inspiración me llamo y estoy respondiendo. Mientras yo renuncio al control, lanzando mis manos en el aire y pidiendo por lo que necesito, se crea un espacio para donde el bien y la mayor alegría fluye sin disminuir. El artículo de hoy en Associated Press hace que mi corazon salte y baile de la emoción – luego, me siento y respire, abrumada de agradecimiento. Estoy honrada por las respuestas y como las historias fluyen de cada uno de ustedes, compratiendo sus propias odiseas. Yo sou humilde.

9 thoughts on “The 5 Core Values of Her Odyssey

  1. Jojo says:

    Please tell me why you want other people’s money for YOUR dream trip? Are you just the coolest person or what? Mom thought you were cute? Everyone else’s world revolves around YOU? Wow. Here’s a hint: You are not Amelia Earhart, nor Christopher Columbus, nor Neil Armstrong. You are an idiot. Anyone can walk, especially if other people pay them to do it. I hope you are eaten by an alligator, and please make sure when you do you return the money to the poor fools you inspired to also want to live off of other people’s money. How about getting a job, and paying your own way. Now THAT would be a real “novel” idea in Obama’s America.

    • Jeannine says:

      Why are you even following her if you don’t care about her? She has earned money. Those who are giving are doing it because we love her. How far can you walk?

      • Jojo says:

        I can walk a far as I want to walk. I’ve actually walked all by myself (since the age of 11 months). And, on my own dime. This is typical selfish behavior of our youth. I am not “following” her, you have to log in to comment, and I’m now just watching to see when she gets robbed or eaten, and calls out for MORE funding for her hospital stay or bail. The people who walk on other people’s money, are the same ones we Americans pay to “study” stuff (you know, shrimp on treadmills). If it is worth studying, then most people PAY to go to school. But, not in Obama’s world. We are supposed to PAY idiots to do stupid stuff and then “enjoy” them spending our money. I’m sick of it, and this chick is just one of many millions who ask others to pay for their fun. I’m sure we’ll also be asked to pay for her to roll her walker around in her old age. She seems to have no plans to contribute to society, just take. People should cut her off, and let her “conservative” parents (they AREN’T) pay the costs of raising a non-contributer to society.

    • Joey Shonka says:

      A friend just sent me this blog and I think it is super cool what they are doing. Jojo, you should be ashamed of yourself. You just told another human being that you hope she gets eaten by an alligator.

      Ladies, I am impressed. Joey here, triple crowner and currently thru-ing the Andes. I know you probably want to make your own route, but if you want a brain to pick, I have my GPS and SPOT data from Cape Froward, Chile, to where I am now, the middle of Peru. I started there so as to make an unbroken chain of footsteps between the geographic extremes of the mainland (I am a bit OCD, and a massive purist). Safe travels and Happy Trails! And watch out for the alligators in Patagonia 😉

  2. Ethan says:

    Bethany and Lauren are doing this to “promot[e] local non-profits along the route that offer educational and financial resources to women.” Their “goal is to bring attention to the fundraising efforts of such organizations and share the stories of the women being served by them.” They are not asking for support from others just so they can go on some once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The purpose of their odyssey is greater than them.

  3. Ethan says:

    And JOJO, if you seriously think they are just going out for a walk and that anyone can do this with some money, you are wildly mistaken. Can you even comprehend what they are about to do? And sure, they aren’t Amelia Earhart, nor Christopher Columbus, nor Neil Armstrong. Those people took a craft and only hours to months to make their respective journeys. HerOdyssey will take years. And aside from Amelia, do you think the other two funded their own journeys? Of course not. To say “she seems to have no plans to contribute to society” is just laughable. You obviously know nothing about Bethany.

  4. NEMO says:

    It doesn’t matter why she is walking or with whose money. She is going to try to do something that most women would never dream of trying. Walking away from her home, all belongings, her family, her jobs, her friends, her country, her comfort zone….. to find something beautiful about the struggles of voiceless women in the world to write about it. I see this as a trip about journalism, adventure and love. You don’t have to give to her, but she would give to you if you asked.

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