Support Season Three

Almost two weeks ago, we began the third year of Her Odyssey. Our goal by the end of 2018 is to travel 5000 km (3100 mi) from Machu Picchu to the Caribbean Ocean by foot and paddle. Rather than running a fundraiser this year, we are creating a community of people invested in this journey with whom we can share a more personal perspective, on our Patreon page.

Patreon is a membership platform where creators get to share content with followers who are invested in their projects. Any amount you designate, from $1 up, will be withdrawn monthly.


$2 makes lunch for two (cheese, avocado, tomatoes, fresh bread, all sourced from the valley we are walking  through, from a small family shop)

This provides us a sense of financial stability and provides you access to a platform where we share exclusive experiences with you, our Patrons. It is a chance for you to get an intimate perspective as we complete the Qhapaq Nan (Inca’s Andean road system), paddle the principle source of the Amazon River (the Marañón River), cross Ecuador by mountain trails, and mish mash our way across Colombia however we most safely can.
We look forward to contributing back to society, by collecting data for Adventure Scientists, producing teacher resources in the form of mini lessons geared toward geography, language, and culture, and using the funds you give to invest in the communities we pass through.

We hope to reach the Caribbean by late 2018, at which point Central America holds many exciting prospects for exploration. We also hope that you will join us. So, we’ll see you on Patreon!

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