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The mission of Her Odyssey is to travel the length of the Americas by non-motorized means connecting stories of the land and its inhabitants.

As our explorers, Fidgit and Neon, trek, paddle, and cycle, the board at home help handle logistics. They are advised by a panel of mentors on everything from security to social media. Most of all, they are empowered by an international tribe of friends, supporters, and followers.

In November 2015 Neon and Fidgit, began hiking north from the Beagle Channel, on Tierra del Fuego, crossing Patagonia. Traveling along the Andes of South America, they engage and share in the lives of those they meet. Through them we learn local perspectives on regional issues, sharing these realities.

The parameters are to travel along the cordilleras which comprise the backbone of the Americas, gaining northward degrees of latitude by non-motorized means. Following and connecting routes of Tehuelche tribes to the Incan road system, the Qhapaq Ñan, we anticipate South America taking three hiking seasons. We aim to finish South America at Tolú, Colombia and move laterally into Panama.

Biking Central America will enable broader and safer exploration. In Mexico, following along the Sierra Madres Occidental range leads to the southern border of the United States near New Mexico.

Then we will pick up on the Continental Divide Trail which traces the Rocky Mountains through the United States, feeding into the Great Divide Trail of Canada. Thereafter, the course aims for the Yukon, though an alternative is to paddle the Mackenzie River.

Alaska presents a wide array of travel options, from our go-to method of hiking, to cross-country skis or dog sled. The end point of this journey will be determined by the mode of transportation at that time, though the ultimate objective is to arrive at the Arctic Ocean.

Beyond writing about our hiking experiences, we round out the perspective by sharing stories of the lands and people. The “Herstory Series” illuminates the experience of women who live in pursuit of their own highest self and are willing to share that adventure. The “Story Time” series relates folklore and local legends which inform cultural perspectives and values.

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Print and Web Articles

The Trek, November 2018 – Meet the Women Hiking, Biking, and Kayaking from SOuth America to the Arctic Ocean
Nina Berenato, July 2017- Fearlessly Gorged
MDZ5, April 2017- La odisea de Bethany y Lauren: atravesar el continente caminando
Summit Daily, October 2016- Travel Patagonia: One Summit County woman’s mission to hike from South America to Alaska
G Adventures
, August 2016- “Women Walking the Americas
Backpacker, October 2015- “Bethany Hughes to Trek From Argentina to Alaska
Hyperlite Mountain Gear, April, 2016- “America to America
NOLS Blog, November 2015- “Writing and Trekking
RootsRated, December 2015- “8,000 Miles to Somewhere
Centre Daily Times, October 2015- “Into the Woods
Smithville Herald, September 2015- “Her Journey will Soon Begin

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  2. Erin McElroy says:

    It was both exciting and devastating to find this…I am planning on thru-hiking the Andes too and you beat me to it! I love it though…love your mission and what you hope to accomplish. It’s so similar to mine as well and adventures like this ARE so inspiring and impactful. I just got back to Colorado from a couple of years living in Argentina. I hope you love it there! I will happily follow along. Good luck in your journey, suerte y que tenga un buen viaje, afuera y adentro.

  3. Dorothy Zehr says:

    I think I will enjoy keeping up with you on your blog. I’m 76 years old, could never do the trek myself but will enjoy following along with you. I am finding the print on your web site too light to read comfortably. Could it be made darker?

    • Fidgit says:

      Thank you for your response, Dorothy. We’ve tried to see if we can make it darker, but we’re not having much luck on our end. I don’t know if it might be helpful to highlight the portion you are reading to provide a sharper contrast, possibly?

      Alternatively, if you subscribe to the blog, it will email the updates to you in your email inbox, which may be better for reading. I really appreciate your interest and feedback and truly hope you will follow along.

  4. David Hockey says:

    Wow, what an amazing trip you have planned. It seamed as if your plan once you hit Canada was still up in the air so I thought I would take the opportunity to plug my passion “The Great Divide Trail” . I see you have already done the CDT so I would encourage you to check out our website and the wonderful trail journals of past hikers at http://www.greatdividetrail.com and if you do decide to hike it we will be pleased to offer as much assistance as possible. Either way I wish you the most enjoyable journey ever.

    Dave Hockey
    Great Divide Trail Association

  5. shangunning says:

    Your journey sounds amazing, and I’m kind of jealous because I would love to do something similar one day.
    I myself canoed the MacKenzie river two summers ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s beautiful, and the people that I met along the way were incredible, ando I’m sure it would be no different for you. I have also done some long term trekking and I just think it’s the best lifestyle.

    I look forward to following your progress! Have the best time!

  6. Nick Brown says:

    Way to go-profoundly significant. Your father Kendall has told me about some of your treks and I had always admired your adventures; but, never read any of your blogs. God bless you girl.

  7. Jonathan Black says:

    I have been a follower/fan since you began. I can’t wait to see what is in store during Season 2! BTW, in a couple years, if your route takes you through the Teton/Yellowstone part of the country, I am nearby and would love to offer my place for R&R — and to hear about your adventure firsthand. Travel safely!

    • Fidgit says:

      Jonathan, what an encouraging note to wake up to! Thank you for your words and following along.
      Through the US the planned route is to follow the Continental Divide Trail so we will look forward to rendezvousing!

  8. Robert Torraville says:

    Hi Fidgit and Neon,
    Really enjoying your posts as you proceed with your odyssey. I live in Newfoundland, Canada.
    I am 73 years old and can only manage to walk an hour a day with my dog. I am really amazed that you have such ambition to be able to undertake such a trek.

  9. María Silvia Miranda says:

    ¡¡Hola chicas!!. Soy María (Mari). Mi marido y yo las llevamos desde La Caldera hasta Vaqueros. Me cuesta leer el blog (mi inglés no es tan bueno) pero lo estoy intentando. Me encantó conocerlas. Sofía y Mercedes les mandan un beso enorme.

    • Fidgit says:

      Hola Maria!
      Que bueno que practicas su Ingles y gracias por seguirnos. Tambien los blogs (la mayoria) estan en Español.
      Nos encantamos a conocer les y gracias por el choripan y queso tambien.

      Have a great evening!


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