Sponsors & Affiliates

Her Odyssey are proud to work with the following organizations and sponsors:

Gear Sponsors
(Tell them we sent you)

Gear Supporters


Keeping our heads above water

farmtofeetlogo-pdf-copyKeeping our toes warm and feet drySawyer_Logo MadeProtecting our guts and skin


Helping us sleep comfortably


Awesome Affiliates
(tell them we say HI)


SheJumps are on a mission to to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities.


We maintain WFR certifications through NOLS WMI

We’re also grateful for the support of the following individuals/groups:

Daniel & Edward; Gretchen & Chris on behalf of  the IM ABLE Foundation and Corps Fitness; Travis Payne; Jeannine & Dewey Payne; Christine Turner on behalf of Alaska Icefield Expeditions; Jeffrey Sommerville; Kathy & Bob Asmar; Anna Daugherty; Will Keyworth of Keyworth Graphics; Ben Pritchard; Zach, the Margolis Clan; Annie Mac; Lani Smith; Sean Hogan; Chris Baker and OneSeed Expeditions; Bukhard Rose; Nima Shahidi; Bryan Crawford; Matthew Miller; Jan & Mey

If you are interested in partnering, or if you have feedback you’d like to share with the team, please reach out to contact@her-odyssey.org.

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