Consider Giving


Two ways you can pitch in:

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If you clicked this link it means maybe, just maybe, you are considering helping us out. Well, let me tell you why you should!

First, we’ve been planning and saving for this journey before it launched. Bethany worked multiple jobs for 5 years putting 20%-70% of each paycheck aside.  Doing this she saved up almost $15,000.
It sounded like a lot (and it is) but when international flights, administrative costs, and an average of $1 per kilometer per hiker are factored together, this falls shy of covering needs.

Second, we have a fantastic group of sponsors. This off-sets the price of gear. Every one of the companies went out on a limb to support two women on an audacious endeavor. They are good people and quality products (trust us, we are the most stringent gear testers out there).

Third, we earn money whenever we can while hiking. Largely this means selling pieces we write, royalties for photographs we produce, and, well, so far that is about it.

Beyond these things ,the shortfall created by the town time it takes to share the stories is covered by folks like you.
So, if you’re still reading, we’re hoping you are in.

Thank you so much!
This next kilometer is for you.



12 thoughts on “Consider Giving

  1. Eugene says:

    I work at Walmart .iam sure you can find host family’s along the way .contact the home office and see if we as Walmart nation can become a relief stop .

  2. DONNA says:

    I admire your inspiration for your journey as you worked so hard to come this far.
    I wish you lots of luck and keep looking ahead. PLEASE be safe.
    DONNA- Long Island, NY

  3. Edward Schneider says:

    Your donation can help buy the shirt on her back, the shoes on her feet, the food in her belly and so much more. Please be a part of this journey. Love You!

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