Wending Attedding- Tim & Anna Daugherty

When I saw the grounds where Anna & Tim planned to marry I thought, “this is beautiful”. A white gazebo planted on a grassy hillside overlooking a pond and out over the foreverness of Missouri woods. Idyllic.

When I walked in the front door, up the stairs into the Bride’s dressing quarters I thought, “this is where princesses are created” (it turned out to be true). Soon the walls were draped with dresses and the counters were covered in make-up and curling irons. The bride flitted around, her hair sculpted into a monument to curls, applying make-up and double-rechecking imagined flaws in eyeliner application, etc. Her brides maids were, as Mother of the Bride called us, “a living work of art.”

Then it was time to gown her. That turned out to be a bit more than even the latticed bodice all down the back of the gown had promised. It took 3 re-lacings, a safety pin, emergency sewing kit, 6 brides maids, and a mother to get the whole thing set in place. But when we did, there before us was a most staggeringly gorgeous example of God’s human creation.

Anna is an intoxicating being to begin with. Add to that the strength of the sister bond and, well, the girl is crippling. From the moment she appeared on this planet she has had a mesmerizing beauty and depth. On her wedding day, overflowing joy caused her to glow. Many were gathered to celebrate, lending their kindness and love to the mix. Taken together,  it was more potent substance than could be concocted by any other means.

When the ceremony began, Tim wept to see his bride glide over the grassy hill. From my position amoung the brides maids I could best see Tim’s face, and in his eyes I saw him drowning in love and adoration. That seemed right.

Fathers and grandfathers spoke blessings and called on all those present, both physically and metaphysically, to bless the new couple. We did. Joshua sang. They promised their lives to each other, they set stuff on fire, (by this point my feet were barking about the requisite “strappy silver heels”), they snogged, we prayed, cried, clapped; then to eat.

It was our little Carbo Queen’s (Anna) dream menu: chicken fettuccine, green beans, mixed veggies, and mouth watering rolls crusted in golden butter.

Throughout the reception, Anna danced on a cloud; perfumed in a haze of love. We had tied her dress up into a French Bustle which bounced playfully behind her. The food got ‘et, cake was cut, toasts were hailed, then to the dance.

For being a bunch of Nazarenes I must tell you my friends, we. got. down.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Daugherty were escorted from the building when caught writing on the bathroom walls with permanent marker “TD + AD = Love 4 Eva.”*

Final parental hugs were given, but it was really dark outside so I think pretty much everyone just started hugging everyone, which was a good thing. We packed the newly minted couple into their get-a-way vehicle, and off they went.

Today I dropped Anna and Tim off at the airport for their honeymoon, at the same time dropping Joshua off for Opera Camp. A cozy and delicious brunch amoung friends and family, and now I sit here writing to you. The last of the Hughes kids at the Homestead.

More on that to follow…

Note: Most of the power held in this post resides with the pictures included. As such, Sandra Falter, according the the equation of 1 picture=1000 words, deserves 569,000 credits. Check her stuff out at http://www.facebook.com/sdfphotography


*This sentence is not true

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