This is the town where I live:

This is Mt. Royal. He’s not the highest peak around, topping out at 10,502 feet, but what he lacks in elevation, the trail makes up for in steepness. He is the charter member of our town.

This is the house I live in. You will notice it is on a hill. This is because everything here is on a hill.

Except for Dillon Lake, which is flat. But only because we cheated and built a dam on the Upper Blue and the Snake River. It is Denver’s main water supply.

This is what happens when water is on a hill. It happens a lot.

I’m finding plenty to explore around here and that is why I haven’t updated in a bit.











One thought on “PhotoFacts

  1. Krista Quade says:

    Hey, remember me? We had a few classes together in high school (shudder). We’re friends on facebook, although you never pop up on my newsfeed so I’d kind of forgotten about you. But today something on there led me to your profile and I noticed your address was some crazy place. So then I looked at your info and found your blog. Uh, point being… this is pretty cool shit. Here I am blogging about quilting, something I do in my dining room by myself, day after day. Seems lame compared to your worldly adventures; I’m supressing some serious envy! I’m subscribing via email. Serious pressure, I know.

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