Holidays & PopRocks

We heard for certain that Mom was going to Saudi Arabia in the last moments I loitered at home on the coattails of Turkey Break. Watching [via mobile app] a 2 hours delay stretch on for my  flight from KC to DEN.

Mom got off the phone, her Visa had cleared and she was to leave for the other side of the world in 2 [two]  weeks. We rushed a tote of Christmas ornaments for myself to the Post Office (cost of 1 extra bag on flight- $25. Standard rate shipping- $16 and I don’t have to drag it through the airport).

This is how deeply engrained the Mother is in this Incredible Woman. She steps toward such a mighty venture, but only after making sure her daughter has Christmas ornaments. Bless you, Mom.

Home again and still stalling; Mom, Dad, & I sit in a small circle atop mismatched chairs, cobbled together from throughout the house. Staring silently into the stolen moments; absorbing auras. Contemplative over crackling candy. The Planet’s #1 selling popping candy fizzed the seconds away.

Eventually we conceded to reality and departed for the airport.

From the midst of airport security, I took one last look. My Parents stood holding one another; through and pending more of these accursedly painful ordeals. Why do we Hughes’ play to such a tune? Set out knowing and naiive across the expanses of this wide world?A question which my Granddaddy persistently puts to each of us as we set off for various adventures.

Mom’s Skype account cites Anais Nin, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

The same Skype account which allowed us to see one another’s faces, from Saudi to S Korea and across the US Time Zones, for a Cyber Hughes Festivus.

I’ve never been much for conformity and it’s good to know when one comes by it honestly. What in youth was an awkward cloak of Disregard, in Youth I wielded like a berserker, in maturing I begin not to temper but to tame.
Or, to tame the Temper.

when one must be surrounded by people, it’s best to work with the flow. Don’t wear your Mad Hatter Top Hat to the Theatre, it’s rude to the guy behind you and everyone knows it, except, apparently, you.
If you have halogen headlights, take a bat and bust them out. Odds are, you have g
If we work together, take turns, things work better. Look, for example, at the mazes to get on the lift at a ski resort. If each lane alternates, and the single lanes fill in the gaps, crowds move smoothly. No? A bit too Fidgitcentric of an example. Then how about this

Traffic. When it’s heavy, if drivers allow merge lanes to zipper in, and the mergers understand to accelerate when moving onto a highway, large volumes of vehicles can whizz along nicely. Work.Together.People.

Though we need not always follow the main routes.
Drive home a different way this week.
Help someone dig their car out.

TaekwondoBut be safe about it. In such pursuit, I am now an Orange Belt in Taekwondo.


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