Kith & Kin in the Past 28 Days

Behind by a season;
it was [a] Still Fall.
A lingering dead fall.
Though, the landscape
Was quick lit by music and love.

Then, finally, Snow.

It was a treat to represent our branch of women at the Clan gathering for Joshua’s Senior Recital. It was a mighty meeting of minds, bolstered to rally status by the breadth of the event; in ever so very many terms. Not only did:

Joshua’s repertoire range across  five [5] languages, hundreds of years, and various styles. His composure, yet vivid physical portrayal of what was going on in the songs had me believing I understood French or German. Das ist sehr gut, mon frere! But also:

His recital drew attendance from across the globe. In fact, as Auntie Marva, Dad, Joshua and I set up the theatre and webcam for his performance, in walk uncle Dewey, aunt Jeannine, and cousin Travis. I began Skype chatting on my mobile with momma[Saudi Arabia] and sister[South Korea] and was thrilled to hear my Uncles[Washington] chime in. We crumbled the invisible technology portals when Granddad[B’ville] called in. Fortunately the Webcast held strong.
Family and friends; fans, every one of us. Chiming in from all corners to celebrate those might vocal cords.

I left the recording camera and computer well enough alone, lest my Anti-Technology Force Field disrupt the connection. Even after the performance, as we powwowed at IHOP, various family members dropped by on Skype to say hello from one phone or another. Not quite the real deal, but it’ll tide us through.

No one put up a fight.

No one really put up a fight.

She was a pro at this.

Aunt Marva is a pro.

I take away fond memories of Ukulele sing-alongs, chocolate chip cookies, and wild boar meat. And that was all just in the cars! We launched a siege on the booth of Asian masseuse men at the mall; and were quickly quelled.

Saying goodbyes after brunch at an Eatery Institute in Indie, we stopped and created our own Awkward Family Photo, to go with the book which Joshua gave me as a birthday present.

Awkward Family Photo.

I proceeded to spend a short flight home gufawing giggling at the funny picture book and tearing up.

Cards and homemade chocolate pie!

For my Birthday the SOS Clan made me a deeply delicious chocolate pie and we got to go Tubing at Adventure Point. And Jillian came from the East Coast to just to hang out with us! It was a very good day.

Everything can be an Adventure, if you make it.

Largely, I have been bizzy bizzy bumbling about, amoung obligations to jobs and friends.

In truth, for me, it is coming to that point when the season stretches long and wears thin. Seasonal residents begin to trickle away. The biggest storms yet this season roll in. The Locals hold true, proud, and strong, helping one another out. Here’s looking at Andy & JC. Guys who make a girl think maybe there is still Honor in the Auto Repair Industry. It makes me proud to be doing my part to help out while I’m up here.

Copyright Aleta F. The coolest couponer I know.

Took a quick reprieve at Andy, Leda, and Hobbes’ pad. Got to meet kith and kin and went for a 5.63 mile snowshoe tromp around Monarch Lake in Grand County; though sadly had to leave before the elk lasagna came out.
because I was departing to nab a personal OG, Reeves, to borrow him for his last day of a family trip to Winter Park.

Dejavue Nostalgia struck as I stood in their quintessential condo. Memories of high school trips. His mom recalled that I had snuck out of my family’s own ski vacation one night to hang out with my friends. I totally got caught.
The next day we rode The Beav. He’s competent and quick on the slopes, for a flatlander!

Well on my way in some areas of life, tripping along behind in others. Juggling and balancing and breathing.
And planning. Ever planning; as 20,000 miles demands of a mind. Teasing, like a skyscraper on the distant horizon.

While adventures as Neat as Neon’s take shape. Can’t wait for this summer, to kick up some trail dirt with that chick again…

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