Jibing & Tact

headerResearch for my blog tonight centered around animalshaveproblemstoo.com. A website which, sadly, no longer exists. angel fishPure genius, hampered by a $10 annual ‘own your domain name’ fee. Or, as in my case, brain doesn’t compute tech-speak. Reeves, I’m sorry I strayed, plz halp? I’ll be home in a month. Get excited.

Now begins the abrasive phase of Spring; temperatures fluctuate by 50 degrees (F) in a day, wind whips crazy, snow turns to icy rain, coming and going at will, and the shops haven’t switched from skis to bike tuning.

Yet, as always, anew, the winds of Spring breathe tempestuous hope. A time for jibing and tacking tact. Being at a solid station in life I get to play a piece in the ventures of many Kindred Souls. Supporting their  quests and (ad)ventures. Though my heart breaks every time they go.

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. A Rubinstein

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. A Rubinstein

Shout outs to:
~Neon as she heads out on the Continental Divide Trail
~Jillian B, as she steps onto the AT
(Welcome to the Clan, JellyBean. You were made to be a Hiker Trash Princess)
~MEGATEX (‘nuf said)
~Your Name Here

A recent visit from Cloudbuster threw a healthy dose of quaver back into my context.

Big picture, back in the day, humans used to have to fight to survive. Constantly on guard, ergo ever present.

Watch yo back!

Watch yo back!

Through a T-Rex's eyes.

Through a T-Rex’s eyes.

Today. Well. Our greatest battle is against Mass Placation.
Of the Souls and Arteries.
Can we save ourselves?
Do we even want to?
What are they feeding us?
Depends on who you ask.

I think we can; and I’m learning and plotting my course, to play my part.
What is yours?
If you are thinking, “I don’t have one,” STOP the thought right there. Open up. SO WHAT if you don’t know what it is yet?! Please, don’t close yourself off to it before it gets through you. From what I’ve seen, Go[o]d will keep working in you as long as you are willing (and even sometimes when you’re not).

How far are you willing to go?
That is your choice, every day.
Live according to what you can be proud of.

I’m not saying quit wearing synthetics or hunt your own meat (but DO if that’s what you’re into! Holla @ Andy/Leda/Hobbes) but let yourself get upset about something. At least enough to care; to act. To step outside of the daily and shake it up.

I, for one, am getting better at remembering reusable bags, ask where my food is coming from, and today I played in a gym full of awkward arms 7th Graders making as big of a fool of myself as possible.

Go nuts. Make it fun.

Go nuts. Make it fun.

2 thoughts on “Jibing & Tact

  1. gkendallhughes says:

    A triple mixed metaphor, “Cloudbuster threw a healthy dose of quaver into my context.” Let’s see, he could sound a quaver in the concert of your life. Or, “Cloudbuster washed away some of the solid ground I thought I was standing on…”

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