To not know it all or get everything I want

Dillon Beach

In dwelling, live close to the ground.
In thinking, keep to the simple.

Sometimes it feels like Life shoves my head deep into the Civilization toilet bowl and flushes it full of things I’m not good at.
An Obligations Swirly.

I build a wicked blanket fort but don’t like signing leases.
I can calm panicking parents but can’t think straight when hungry or driving in traffic.
I could survive completely off the grid; I can’t work a “‘Smart’ Phone” or remote control.
I keep large numbers of kids alive in extenuating circumstances but can’t keep a car running.
I trip on and drop everything; I have hiked over 3000 long distance trail miles.

We were taught to focus on improving what we’re NOT good at in an effort to be well rounded.

Truth be told, I’m probably not the one you should ask to record your favorite shows while out of town. I was concerned when everyone started to idolize TiVo. Speaking as if it had human traits and some would drop to one knee when they named it.
Or my mounting confusion and anger as females all around me squealed about “skinny jeans.” I PUT ON weight during this time, distressed to think I was the only woman in America doing so!

Turns out, there is an athlete with a confusingly similar name.
Skinny jeans are a style and not directly related to weight gain/loss.

So you know what I do? I stay away from fancy TV sets and malls.Fidgit & Jacque Ridge

Coming up on three [3] years steady of holding up in Civilization. With only brief forays into adventure environs; to hike the Colorado Trail, travel to Saudi Arabia, Virgin Islands, and visit trail family. I am holding up quite well and am proud of what I have achieved but that doesn’t address the itch.

Now, imagine where we would be if each allowed to immerse in whatever we excel at?

I do. Every day. And that is what gets me through.

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