After the Full Moon

“I never think that people die. They just go to department stores.” ~Warhol

Had a funny call today. Someone’s died, and someone’s married.
Over the bridge we go, looking for love.
-Song: New Age
On: 1969: Velvet Underground, Live Vol. 1

The first time hearing Stephanie says, assumed Lou was singing about me; though, he must have caught my name with a bit of a lisp from across space and time.
First encountered Lou Reed in high school art class, while studying Andy Warhol. There, discovered a wormhole to the Velvet Underground.

But for now, we need only wormhole back 7 [seven] days.
The moon and I were perfectly synchronized, particularly that evening.
Both in waning gibbous status.
Both so recently, gloriously full, engorged on family, celebration, and love.
Still hanging high but now feeling tumescent and exposed.

Watching Mt. Rainier lazily drift just off the tip of the airplane wing. Traveling from a foggy Seattle afternoon on into a crisp Colorado night.
A sated stupor; so recently full; how do I even begin to tell it.
Lou, a little help here?

How we communicate across miles and time zones.

We’re gonna have a real good time together. We are gonna laugh and dance and shout together, my uncles finally declared.

Washington state began recognizing gay marriage at the end of 2012. The US Supreme Court followed suit (nyuck nyuck) in June, 2013.

“Finally, we can be like the rest of you!” cheered Uncle Edward.

Anyone who ever had a heart, wouldn’t turn around and break it
and anyone whose ever played a part wouldn’t turn around and hate it.

Sanctuary at AdmiralAfter fifteen [15] years of loving devotion, Hunkle Dan & Edward invited us to celebrate their wedding at Sanctuary at Admiral, a unique and classy, 1920s art deco style venue in Seattle; with a speakeasy in the basement.

Arriving several days ahead of the ceremony, they made it immediately clear this was to be a celebration of something much grander and deeper. Their union to one another, already tested and sturdy. This was a celebration of the expansions of love. Flowering family, progress across such varied terrain as hearts, faith, ideals and policy.
Celebrating to affirm the choice to embrace openness and love.
Not just between these two men but within ourselves.

Here comes the waves down by the shore. Washing the eye of the land that has been down by the sea.


Our branch of family gathered in a condo on Alki Beach, where the uncles began crafting the gift of togetherness (starting with a full stock of house snacks). We were a quick study, particularly easy for being reunited with both my siblings. Spent a few days taking the ferry across to Seattle, through the fog, past seals hanging out on barge posts, to the hem of downtown Seattle.

SavedPicture-20131028232332.jpgSomebody cut off her feet, now jelly rolls in the street, miniscule and compromised amoung towering buildings and memories. Shambling throngs crowded past. I’m sticking with you, ’cause I’m made out of glue. Anything that you might do, I’m gonna do too.
Dad, grandpa, siblings and I wandered together, explored much, and learned even more.

Amoung our own, each are giants. Between living-room karaoke and a Mexican Feast, to setting up for the ceremony, our family grew. Expanding to Edward’s kin and the friends who gathered around my uncles all these years, nurturing their love. we came together and reveled in their grace.

The ceremony wove together a new fabric. Instead of a indentured ocelot on a leash, I’d rather be a kite.

What country shall I say is calling, from across the world? By the miracle of Skype, It was my mother, tuning in from Saudi, to tear up, open gifts, and raise a toast to her big brother and his husband.

The next morning, worn, humbled, and brimming over with joy, shared an airport breakfast with Little Brother, saw him to his gate, and set to my own homeward travels.

Ran the length of the terminal in DIA to intercept him one last time, seeking and seeing an affirmation of all that had happened in one another, kissed, and I made for the snowy peaks of home.

Back to where all things begin, the end of that which went before.
Back to after it all.

Hey Joshua, I borrowed your picture.

Hey Joshua, I’m borrowing your picture.

They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.

4 thoughts on “After the Full Moon

  1. Daniel & Edward says:

    aching from our hearts we grow from within,
    soaring with the wind we grow from without,…

    Love you so much, we are blessed

    Edward & Daniel

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