Do Yourself Proud

While I can miss a connection across a room, it comes as affirmation like no other to connect with someone across the planet.

Touching hearts and lives.

Nurses. Touching hearts and lives.

By Means of Modern Media and heeding the Inner Voice, I connected with Kendall Burgess, yet another exceptional individual to emerge from the folds of William Jewell.

She has put her nursing degree to use in Malawi. Living in Ntcheu, contending with all the light and darkness of the third world. I deeply admire her willingness to leap beyond the bounds of comfort and step past assigned responsibility, devising her own network and efforts.
She has the madcap determination of a Mongoose.
Warrior Spirit roars through her words.
I am enlivened by association.

According to Divine Timing, she, by independent impetus, put out a call for support to keep a number of girls in school. The cost is nominal from this end (roughly $40-$60 per term) but prohibitive to families over there.
Children who are raising their siblings.
Kids who must strain against cultural norms and balance inordinate responsibility just to make it to school.

Knowing Kendall’s spirit and trusting her gumption and familiarity with the twisted systems of third world authority power, I was confident anything I could give will go absolutely to its intention.

GloriaSomething in the story she shared about Gloria touched me at a fundamental level. Sensing myself mirrored in this distant sister. A young girl, translating between languages and cultures, enthusiasm and pizazz to the point of struggling to focus. Determination in a young woman, often grossly labeled as “bossy” by a world intimidated by the works which we are about.

My body sits at a desk yet my heart soars across miles, years, adversity. I am more alive for the association to Gloria. The opportunity to enable her is staggering. A charge, opportunity, and blessing all for very little cost.

Won’t you join? Nurture yourself and everyone involved in the process.
I don’t need to make the argument about empowerment by education. You know it. And if not, look at the research.

Have hope; give hope.
Or, as she cleverly puts it Love + Give = Live

Email Kendall with questions or to make a connection with one of the students. You can also/then Paypal to:

Thank You.

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