Setting Framework

Promised myself I would be prompt in creating the story of this time in Nepal.

Designated a few days on the tail end of the trail to unfurl thoughts and pack bags.wpid-wp-1415283531465.jpg Instead, gifts for home as well as ideas have exploded everywhere. Having spent the day at Hotel Ganesh Himal, simulating an artistic fervor by downing pots of milk tea, the grand result has been many trips to the bathroom and I can’t so much as fathom encapsulating the hike in a single post. Adjusted expectations and settled for the notion of ‘ordering my thoughts’. This was the product.

wpid-20141105_220106.jpgBegan the morning with lofty notions, sat in the gardens, seeking inspiration from fellow loungers. While I was honored by the interest and encouragement, as I sit at the international keyboard of the lobby computer closest to the bathroom late in the evening, just now putting fingers to keyboard, realize the support had quite the opposite effect as it resulted in a day of excessive pets, naps, and an unnecessary shopping excursion to “give myself a break” from the burden of creation.
wpid-20141105_224306.jpgYet here I sit, inspired, after sharing light and conversation over dinner with fellow trekker, Weebles.

Weebles brought a Polaroid Camera on the trip, delighting folks along the way by snapping their photos, sharing moments of anticipation as they watched photos of themselves develop, then gifting them to the individuals.

Weebles brought a Polaroid Camera on the trip, delighting folks along the way by snapping their photos, sharing moments of anticipation watching them develop, then gifting them to the individuals.

wpid-20141103_040737.jpgThe aim here is simply to get the wheel rolling. To provide you an overview, lay out a plan of future blogs to flesh out the adventure (which may or may not be produced, depending on kitten intervention and tea consumption), drink no more tea until I am done posting, and go to bed, so I can try again tomorrow.

Because that is the exercise of this human experience. Forgetting what we know, so we can delight in learning it over again. Or, in the wisdom Andy (another fellow trekker and to be of the 2016 class of PCT hiker) relayed,

“take care of the moments and the years will take care of themselves.”

Over a year ago, JD attracted a small group of Exceptionals with the prospect to ‘Trek with a Purpose’ in Nepal. The financial commitment was very real but other than that, it remained mainly a notion and an email folder for me. Had no idea what I was in for, until I showed up.

We traveled with the incredible organization, OneSeed Expeditions, who organize and guide a variety of hiking and biking expeditions in 5 (five) countries.

Between these two layers; JD’s nonprofit, Chooda, and the socially conscious business model of OneSeed, a deeply set component of giving molded this adventure from the start. Was, in fact, the source of its inception. Powerful and involved enough to merit a post unto itself.

Being a group of individuals interested in the road less taken, our trip was not in the Annapurna or Everest regions where most treks go, rather, we went to the Langtang Region, north central in Nepal, just south of the border with Tibet China.

Relatively new to the trekking industry but steeped in history, it was a wonderful balance of accommodating and remote. A day-long jeep ride through no less than a dozen check points andRoad in Langtang national Park along ever more interesting mountain roads, to our launching town, Syaburbesi/Sya Brubesi/Saprubesi/Syapru Besi (oral tradition makes spelling town names a study in subjectivity), located inside Langtang National Park. From there, our flower petal loop of the Tamang Heritage Trail began. I will delve into further specifics of the trail and the people in future posts.

Tamang Heritage Trail

The focus of working and sticking with the group came by channels I cannot pinpoint. I had a New Years goal to learn to function in groups, practice holding myself in crowds; my family were insistent; if JD liked ’em enough to invite them they must be something special, and anyway, these folks seemed probably more than alright. This focus paid off in spades. Again, another realm which deserves a great deal more attention and elaboration.


At this moment though, the concierge have ever so subtly turned off all the lights around me and keep casually peeping around the corner, so I will wrap up this entry with promises of more to come.

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