Tomorrow We Fly

Four days ago, Neon and I converged. We have since been reviewing and talking through the important pieces in our backpacks and our thinking.

4 agreementsSpeaking with Trinity of the Tres Chicas Locas, she emphasized the importance of our relationship and communication practices. Setting expectations between ourselves and toward the rest of the world.
We have discussed what is a 10 on our pain scales, set up the tent in the backyard (again), reviewed thoughts on the 5 Core Values of Her Odyssey, weighed gear, checked and compared notes on our Myers Briggs personalities (INTJ and INFP), and went over the Four Agreements as laid out by Don Miguel Rodriguez, amoung other things.

This has also been a time of meeting one another’s people. All are curious to meet the hiking partner. In both directions, during hugs, I have heard it whispered, “take care of my girl,” with heartfelt sincerity.

The night before Halloween, dressed as Frida Kahlo and Pippy Longstocking, we stood before friends and well wishers at Mi Casa and shared visions of the dream. Both are anxious to be boots on the ground.



Every goodbye tears at me. Standing on the porch, watching as the car drives off and turns the corner, taking away another loved one.
Yet, the heart is a muscle, and muscles are built by tears in the fibers being repaired, strengthened, and built back up. It is up to me to do the work of creating what is needed to grow these experiences.

2 sets of gear for a full hiking season.

2 sets of gear for a full hiking season.

Today is last minute gear runs, completing First Aid Kits, and (ideally) an opportunity to breathe before we leap.
My father flies in this afternoon, to turn around the next day and walk me through security at the airport, just as when I was a toddler and we headed to Ecuador as a family.
Or, the times he traveled without us, on which he ruminates, “This reminds me of when she was 3 years old and seeing me off at the airport. She cried so hard wanting to be the one traveling.”
Now it is my turn and I will still be crying.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow We Fly

  1. John aka crossroads says:

    So excited for you and neon!! Can’t wait to read about your trek. Would love to hike with you in the us so I’ll keep track!! Good luck to you both.

  2. Eve says:

    Feeling so fortunate to be able to follow your journey. Seems like a dream to me. I cannot wait to hear. Please know how much this means out here.

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