Let’s do the Time Warp Again

Riff Raff: Time is… fleeting Madness… takes its toll. But listen closely…
~Rocky Horror Picture Show

Some while ago, entering a span in which Time had no business, I unplugged clock and alarms.

Rif-Raf across the DivideThe afternoon of Friday the 13th yawned into eternity. Every sound of a motorcycle elicited a spasm of excitement; was THAT Rif-Raf? [Ben P.]

Having met and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail together, he is as close to an older sibling as an oldest sibling such as myself can allow. Kind of a jerk-butt sometimes but the love is unequivocal.

Unable to wait any longer, I set out on foot, intercepting his arrival on the road; where, after a few moments he requested I show him where we were staying, that he might turn off the bike, dismount and remove the helmet and jacket which had made the first round of greetings cumbersome.
Also, possibly, after 1300+ miles he just wanted off the bike…
Either way, I couldn’t run fast enough.

[BloodyBoots] Slim, Frog, and Rif-Raf, PCT 2010.

Too much time had lapsed since that somber day in October 2010 at the Seattle Fish Market, where our portion of the Pacific Crest Trail clan parted ways.
Upon seeing him, everything was exactly the same; just, in the future and at a different location/world. So, I suppose, better put: same on the inside, different on the outside.

“Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love.” -George Eliot

Since then he has volunteered his nursing skills at a ground level TB clinic, Ti Kay Haiti, which is run with great passion and thriftiness, resulting in an astonishingly low overhead.
He was able to give a year, what can you spare?

Every penny you donate is stretched & blessed.
$20 = oxygen tank = 1 more day for Someone.

A good deal of time was spent on his motorcycle, who had begun to hiccup some several hundred miles before entering the Rockies.

I watched him tinker on his moto in the driveway, he watched/helped me put MY NEW BIKE together in the dining room.

My touring bike!

My new touring bike!

We wandered, made good food, ate good food, watched Frog’s video of the Pacific Crest Trail, watched clips and celebrated hiker kin who recently finished the Continental Divide Trail, reminisced and planned.
It strikes me as exceptional to be able to coexist so comfortably with another human.
As the Tao teaches:

Close your mouth, [.  .  .]
settle your dust.
This is the primal identity.

As will happen when one ignores Time, abruptly it ruthlessly rears an unforgiving face.
I cried; bereft and wretchedly small. Tears tell of a language deeper than words.
They stream, unrequited, as I write this.

Revisions: 25+
Bed-time: Long since passed

Scroll back up to the Green words ‘Ti Kay Haiti.’
‘Donate’ or ‘Volunteer’ Tabs.
Give life; give hope; vouch your support.

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