The Virgin Islands: Blessings of Akatosh

Wondering led me to Wander,
Wandering brings me back to Wonder.

Time is relentless.

As snow began to move in on Summit County, Dusty and I high tailed it to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I have discovered an ingenious ruse to avoid airport parking lot fees. Don’t tell.
Also, note to other air travelers: Fort Lauderdale airport= yech.

Words cannot do justice to the colors of the islands; I’ll leave that to pictures taken by people who get paid to do such things. They do it well. Fodder abounds.

Here is something they might not be so keen to tell you:

This is one of those environments where being a white female is not an advantage (I’m not just talking about sun burn). When you make a purchase at any shop or gas station, keep track of the actual cost, as shop owners will charge $5-$20 extra on a given exchange.
Advantage: It’s easy to keep track, as the USVI don’t charge sales tax.

The itinerants here are the same as what you find in Colorado. The same mentality and energy; except, in swim trunks instead of snow pants. Having begun to embrace that it’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with, I rejoice that SpiritKin Travi ChimneyHorse has maintained residence there.

It was everything a vacation is supposed to be. Sleeping in, long breakfasts, surfing, rum, beach bonfires, safaris, scooter rides, walks on the beach, sunsets, new and stellar acquaintances.

Lobster diving at Petersborg.

Surfing at Hull Bay.


Finally, craving silence, stars (which cannot be seen over the 3rd world street lighting of the cities), and a challenge, we set out on what became my favorite foray.

I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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