Herstory: She Can Do Hair

The ‘Herstory’ Series highlights women along our travels who overcome challenges to pursue their passions. Celebrating what we each Can Do.


I was 15 and joined my friend at her hair appointment to be styled into an updo for the Valentines Day Dance. I sat while she got styled, enjoying the atmosphere. Dana was her hairstylist and after she had finished invited me into her chair for me to be styled. I didn’t have very much hair at the time  after a horrible  experience at Great Clips where the woman and I could not communicate; I cut my own hair.

Dana changed my part, asked me about my haircut, and offered to cut my hair. I told her I couldn’t afford it, that I went to Great Clips with the $6.99 coupon. Dana told me she would cut my hair for $6.99 if I promised to never go to Great Clips again. So I did.

When I went for my first haircut with Dana she was running behind (I would realize later that this was almost always the case) so I swept hair and cleaned color bowls. eventually Dana hired me to do her books, tear foils, sweep hair, put away color orders. I did this twice a week until she hired me for the summer.
I fell in love.
Being in the salon  surrounded by people feeling good. Dana didn’t just do hair, she solved their life problems. These women trusted her more than anyone, and they loved her. Dana was my best friend and she helped guide and mold me into the human I am today.

“I am a visual artist and I can’t imagine being this happy doing anything else.”

After graduating from high school I had plans for art school , KCAI had offered me a few scholarships and I wanted more then anything to create. Financially this was still not an option, so I moved out and did what all 19 year olds do.

Eventually I came to Dana and told her I wanted to go to cosmetology school. I moved back in with my parents and went to school during the day and worked at night. I had No idea I would be any good at doing hair, I just knew I wanted to give people what Dana gave people.
I wanted to give people a place to feel beautiful and empowered, to give them a place to let out parts of themselves they hid from the world.
I have been doing hair for almost 8 years now and could not be happier doing anything else.
You can book an appointment at Hair Lovin in Overland Park to see what Becky is all about.

One thought on “Herstory: She Can Do Hair

  1. Reni says:

    Becky, that’s awesome!! You have grown into quite the young lady from that awkward little girl we used to know back in the 90’s when you were in our fellowship. 🙂

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