8 thoughts on “Live discussion, tonight on Reddit!

  1. Rob Barton says:

    Im just getting into hiking and I have a dream to do the Triple Crown the AT, PCT, and the CD a very ambitious dream seeing that I am 42 years old but id love nothing more!! What advice would you give me?

    • Fidgit says:

      First things first, do it! Take it one step at a time, even and especially as you prepare.
      As we say in the thru-hiking community, “Hike your own hike.” Each trail is unique, unto itself, the season, and the individual hiker.
      Don’t see your age as a detriment, it is an asset!

  2. Laura says:

    Impressed, in awe and inspired!!! I love what you’re doing and will definitely be following you all the way!! Wish you the very best of health and strength throughout!!

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