Wiggle & Niggle, Spring Break Hails

Winter begins to niggle. 50 degree days burn through an already below average snowpack. We the people commence peremptory goodbying the Season, even as we trek about in snow shoes, slide on skis, slip around on skates, clamber up and down icefalls, and hold bonfires.

Buffalo, balded by the wind, but holding his own.

Our SOS group cahooting.

A 10 minute walk at -7 feels a lot longer.

Personally, I responded to the anticipated seasonal change by purchasing a ticket to the Virgin Islands for a week in May (hopefully avoiding a bit of Mud Season) and ordering the Colorado Trail Databook for the 485 mile hike I will begin on June 30th. As it turns out, learning $ and time management does pays off…

As recently demonstrated when a group of High School friends made their way up from the Flatlands for a long weekend, each vacationing as they saw fit. Spreading across the slopes, snowmobiles, and couches beside the fireplace. MLE reminded me how to Pwn the mid-day and late afternoon nap cycle. Between which we somehow made time to master the fine science of the Remote Control.

Despite human sentiments, Winter goes on about her business, unperturbed, which is why if you are in the area, you ought to attend the Avalanche Awareness Presentation @ Keystone tonight. It’s free.

So, let the Spring Break crowds roll in, because with them comes my brother, Joshua. And who couldn’t get excited about seeing a face like this:

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