Ski Etiquette

Welcome to a Rocky Mtn Spring Break. Come up, bring your friends and here’s a few tips in the interest of yourself, and those around you.


Yield doesn't mean Stop

Contrary to common American thinking, Roundabouts are not giant Stop Signs with a circle in the middle. The idea is that vehicles remain in motion. Vehicles in the roundabout have right-of-way but outside vehicles are to be merging steadily. Yes, this means the autos will be closer together than we are accustomed too; so just drive like a European, as if that other guy isn’t even there, even when within 6 inches of your bumper.


When entering a crowded area, hold equipment close to body, thus avoiding whacking others in the face.

When covering longer distances with sparse crowding, feel free to throw skis over your shoulder. Toe tip forward with bindings against the back of your shoulder. Arm acts as counterbalance.

In both of these maneuvers it is important to lift with the ski whose brake is on the bottom, thus preventing one ski from sliding out of your clever carrying arrangement.

The resorts provide wagons to safely tote gear and children to and from the slopes.

The ski resorts have done everything they can to make getting onto and off of the mountain as safe and convenient as possible. What is required of you is Spatial Awareness. Yes, you are on vacation, you are carefree; but have a thought for the safety of others and do not throw skis over your shoulder, then in a crowded area, whip around to tell your buddy some hilarious joke. There are people around you. You will hit them. It will be unpleasant.

Divide the run into 4 'lanes' then stay in one. Check uphill when moving into another lane.


a) In your mind, separate the run into about 4 lanes. Choose one quarter of the width of the run, and stay in it. Make your turns predictable.

b) Anyone downhill of you has the right of way. Therefore, if you run into someone from behind IT WAS YOUR FAULT. If you have the right of way/are in front, be courteous and keep your maneuvers predictable.









c) When you see any variation of the following signs, SLOW DOWN.

This guy.



...or these.










Thread, don't Spread.

d) Finally, when you regroup at the top of a run and are trying to decide which way to go, whose glove you found, who has some chapstick you can borrow and updateing your FaceBook about what a great time you’re having, DO NOT SPREAD ACROSS THE RUN.

Snowboarders get most of the flak for this one, but skiiers do it too. When conferring, make yourselves like a pillar (line up downhill of one another), not a column (across the width of the run).

SUMMARY: Be aware of your space, and who & what is in it.

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