The World is my Sno-Cone

I bet I could get the Pope behind me on this one.

Run off, and efforts to reduce wash out.

Spring sprang early this year; seemingly everywhere. Up here in the Rockies, we’ve had 60 degree weather for the past 3 weeks, reducing snow to a mushy, gooshey mashed potato Sno-Cone consistency. Stand in silence and hear the world melting around your very feet. Also, by ‘stand in silence’ I mean ‘look around’ and by ‘hear’ I mean ‘see.’ And by all of that I mean, feel the muddy coldness melt into your shoes and soak your socks.

Toe paths through tree cover and along the North face of mountains are still snow-packed but have been trampled, melted and refrozen into sturdy (albeit slick) pathways. The dirt roads and tourons‘ trails are well on their way to sneaker accessible; this is the time of year when the need for trail work is most evident.

Consider doing so this season through local organizations.

To my kittens back home, go play with the Earthriders, they’re rad and do a lot to maintain and enjoy the trails in the NorthLand of KC.

To my Mountain Mateys, check out the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District, and help keep our trails spik’n’span.

Most of all though, get yourself out there, it’s worth it.

It's Mine. GET IT!?!?!

Clouds, Fidgit, & Breck

Clouds, Fidgit, & Breck

As Erica and I were reminded while out for a muddy tromp yesterday, nature has a way of doing things that even 3-D glasses and a big screen can’t emulate.

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